Who stands behind BODYBYME ?

Hello my name is Victoria and I am the founder of BODYBYME. I lived for over a year in brazil with my husband and two small kids and loved the way Brazilians especially ‘’carioca’s’’ (a term used for locals from Rio de Janeiro) believe in looking good and living life to the fullest and wore Gym clothes everywhere, to school, to the beach, to the gym or even to meet friends for a coffee. I fell in love with their style. And wanted to bring JUMPSUITS to fitness gyms here especially in Eastern Europe.


Don’t we have enough Fitness brands out there??

Yes, there are many like different butter brands but who knows where BODYBYME will be in 2 years. My dream is for BODYBYME to become the H&M of Fitness wear. Our collection like any up and coming brand starts small but I strongly believe in our goals, our material, our dream and mainly we want our customers to believe in us and for a relationship to start from the beginning. It is a long road ahead with many obstacles still ahead but I want to always hear what the customer has to say whether it be bad or good.


Why are jumpsuits so different and why should your customers purchase them?


Our Jumpsuits are made from a mixture of Polyester, spandex and elastane so this gives any women the right amount of comfort when working out. The jumpsuit collection you see now is the summer/autumn Jumpsuits and they are lighter and the material is not too crazy tight or warm but we will be making two designs for the winter jumpsuits that can also be worn outside on a cold day.